The Coast 2 Coast Webmaster Network

Welcome to the Coast 2 Coast Webmaster Network. We are a web design firm that started out of Santa Cruz, California in the early 1990’s. Yes, you heard me right. We’ve been making websites for customers since the very beginning of the Internet. Our owner reverse engineered the first webpage he saw in 1992 then worked for over 15 years as a solo web designer. Recognizing the power of the Internet he created a team of top notch programmers, web designers and graphic artists. Then we started developing websites in WordPress some years later and the rest is history.

Now we have a network of websites in different markets across the United States that we own and operate. We are now offering up new markets to fellow web designers and entrepreneurs with our turnkey website, custom webmaster domain and web design services fulfillment center.

Looking to do sales in your local area or around the world and not have to worry about fulfillment? We have you covered!

There is a one time fee  of only $199 to get your new live sales and service portal available to you within 3 working days. Sign up today and be selling web design and hosting services within 3 days. All you have to do is send your clients to your custom domain web design sales portal. When they order you get paid and we handle everything from design and support. You just collect a sales commission on every sale! We look forward to signing you up today!

Your only commitment is to refer one sale through your sales portal per year and we pay for the domain registration. If you do not make one sale a year but still want to keep the website then there is an annual fee of $20. All city/webmaster domains “” or any domain we pay for and register for you to use that has the word “WEBMASTER or WEBMASTERS” in it are owned by Coast 2 Coast Webmasters. All custom domains outside of our brand that you are also allowed to choose from are 100% owned by you. We will transfer your custom domain to your ownership if you ever discontinue service with us. You must pay for all registrar transfer fees which is usually just one years registration fee.




Affiliate Marketing - Santa Cruz Webmasters
Affiliate Marketing - Santa Cruz Webmasters

What Do You Get In Return?

Santa Cruz Webmasters - For All Things Internet

Complete Turn Key Website
Free Domain (after initial registrar fee)
Free Web Hosting
Web Design & Services Packages Built Right Into Your New Website
Web Hosting Affiliate & Reseller Package
Complete Fulfillment Plan For All Packages Presented On Your New Business Website
Sales Documentation For You & Your Team
Set % Sales Profit On Each Package
Calendar Appointment System For Your  Customers To Setup Appointment With Us
7 Day A Week Ticketed Support

Cost: $120.00 (one-time)

Cost: $199.00 (one-time)

Completely Done For You Sales Portal – You Just Do The Sales!

Fill out the form below to get more details about our turn key web design business!

Completely Done For You Sales Portal

You Just Do The Sales!

Fill out the form below to get more details about our turn key web design business!